Say Goodbye to Inconsistent Revenue.

People are amazing. Life is amazing.

Stories about people’s lives are full of amazement.

And, I’m sure your story is extra amazing.

So let’s tell your story and use it to attract more customers through Digital Advertising.

Make unpredictable business revenue a thing of the past and managing new clients your new priority.


Imagine building trust effortlessly with your audience while achieving tangible results for your business. You can achieve just that with our approach.


Are you a business owner with revenue exceeding $1 million? Ready to handle a surge in new Leads?


Using your experiences we craft emotive film stories to spark consumer reactions, and deliver regular new leads with well written Ads.

How much is inconsistent Revenue costing You?

Kitchen Alone

Most of the business owners that I speak to are struggling to create consistent growth and sales.

When you don’t create a dependable system for growth and profits, you end up:

Missing chances to engage with audiences.

Getting lost in a crowded marketplace.

Working weekends to make the next sale.

Struggling with cash flow to pay bills.

Swimming in a constant state of stagnant growth.

Finding it hard to accurately track results.

Making videos and running them in Advertising should be easy and should get results. But most people don’t know how to edit a film that dials up consumer tension points or how to write Ads that get the click.

Instead they try something once without success or rely on referrals which is a very slow burn.

We’ll help you craft a compelling video campaign that shares your journey of growth and success. Then, run targeted ads to achieve the recognition and results you’ve worked hard for.


God, I love your lead generation system.

LOL, my poor managers are struggling to keep up!


General Manager, Geneva Capital

Working with Hot Butter will change your life.

Authentic Storytelling: Discover the power of videos that convey truth-based stories, crafted specifically for you. These narratives are designed to cultivate trust and resonate deeply with your audience. By sharing your journey of learning, growth, and success, you’ll forge genuine connections with your customers

Effective Digital Advertising: Your success goes beyond just video production.  I’m equipped to guide you through every step. Whether it’s crafting dedicated landing pages, overseeing ad campaigns, or analyzing results, I ensure your message resonates with the right audience, leading to tangible business growth.

Proven Results: From elevated customer bookings to heightened brand recognition and lead generation, the impact speaks volumes. Together, we’ll empower your business to scale and thrive, just like the many businesses I’ve had the privilege to work with

Three Simple Steps to Start Winning.

Discovery & Strategy

We’ll explore your business challenges, goals, and vision over a hot cuppa coffee.

We’ll discuss the investment needed to attract new clients and achieve your objectives.

Together, we’ll determine the best mix of films and advertising tailored to your unique needs.


Production & Implementation

I’ll dive into production, creating captivating videos and ads that resonate with your audience.

I’ll fine-tune your website, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand and messaging.

I’ll connect all the necessary tracking software, so you can monitor progress effectively.


Launch & Monitor

Once everything is in place, I’ll launch your campaign so your story reaches all the right people.

You’ll receive regular Leads, stright into your inbox.

You’ll also receive straightforward reports on performance.


“Thanks Dave your passion for your work tells the true Story. This has to be the best video work I have seen.”


CEO, RE/MAX New Zealand

My clients are like Family.

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Cherished Memories

2024. ZEN Energy have the knowledge and know-how to design and price solar systems that meet their customers’ needs. And in doing so they partner with world leaders who are manufacturers of the componentry that go into a system. 

This film was about highlighting recent competition winners; Sue and Heugh, the partners involved and the key reasons why Sue and Heugh not only chose Solar but also chose ZEN to help them get it installed.

“I really like this, Dave! GREAT job! I am super impressed with the level of commitment – accountability and responsibility from your side.  We are very happy to continue and develop our partnership further and create more amazing content!!”

Xime Teat

Co Founder, ZEN Energy

2023. Cherished Memories presents a remarkable opportunity for you to celebrate your own life through the magic of film.

With our high-quality storytelling, emotive music, and streamlined process, the unique story of your life will be beautifully captured to be watched and shared with future generations.

 I’m using Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic and create new Leads.

“When I first saw the Director’s cut, I was so impressed. It was incredibly professional & looked like we’d shot a documentary.”


Niece of Barbara

2023. Kelly set up Laan Sai Massage Spa in 2021 because she wanted to use her therapy and business skills to help more people.

The Spa has a small but loyal following of regular Clients who love her warm, welcome approach. One of her Clients is Mea Motu, the recently crowned  IBO World Super Bantamweight Champion. I shot Mea training and on the table at the Spa.

We’re using Google, Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic and create new Bookings for Kelly. 

“Dave is good & smart with what he loves and does best. He’s helped my business to pick up & grow by managing marketing and video advertising, and I really appreciate his work!


Owner, Laan Sai Massage & Spa

2023.The Woodpecker Pain App was in development for 6 years. With different pulsed sounds in different sequences painstakingly tested to give the App 50x the power of a traditional tuning fork healing, often used in Chinese Medicine.

I used a great writer called Scott Kelly to unpick the technical stuff, plus a host of genuinely satisfied people who use the App most days to give us their honest views on the results.

I ran the campaign in the US on Social Media with the objective of App Downloads.

“Dave’s excellent leadership skills meant he was able to guide the production teams, the film talent and the advertising to create a powerful campaign!

Dr Ray

Owner, Woodpecker Pain App

2022. Pim is from Thailand and has been doing massage for almost 18 years.

Having worked at a couple of big Auckland Spas, she decided to start working from home and creating her own space.

Her biggest challenge was moving from her home into a bigger & rented workspace in Grey Lynn.

I shot a film explaining her experience and methods, plus testimonial videos from happy Customers. We’re using Google and Instagram to drive traffic and create new Customer Bookings. 

“Dave is a great marketing manager and easy to talk to. His Videos & Advertising on Instagram & Google means I always have Customer Bookings. Plus he’s always available to help me with emails and any other digital problems.”


Owner, Pim Wellness & Spa

2022. RE/MAX NZ is 100% Kiwi Owned with the largest global network across 110 countries.

Their agents earn 42% more than the industry average and the freedom you get as a Franchisee to sell anwhere in the country is unmatched by competitors.

Now their biggest challenge is sharing this information & recruiting new Franchisees.

I shot an inspiring intro story about Don’s life, & testimonial videos for the landing page. We’re using Google and Facebook to drive traffic and create new leads. 

“Thanks Dave your passion for your work tells the true Story. This has to be the best video work I have seen.”


CEO, RE/MAX New Zealand

2022. The Auckland Airport Emergency Services  (AES) plays a key role at Auckland Airport and employs over 50 Firefighters whose responsibility it is to provide and maintain rescue and fire-fighting capability at Auckland Airport.


To launch their recruitment campaign I shot a 2 minute film featuring interviews with two inspiring AES Staff. This was then cut down into 30″ ,  15″ & 6″ edits.

Great to work with you again Dave, you made the project super easy to implement, so thank you!”


Head of Marketing & Digital Channels, Auckland Airport

Watch the Case Studies.


“Dave, you’re a Genius – I love the hero video!  I just had one new Lead crying about the impact of the video on him and how he feels he can get his life back now. Love Love Love.”


Managing Director, Insurance Mentor

“Working with Dave on our Digital Marketing Campaign has given us great branded video, outstanding sales figures and awesome results.”


Franchisor, Jim's Cleaning NZ

“With Dave I can confidently outsource marketing, knowing his ideas & creativity will do a better job than me. Quality enquiries have surged & they are coming to me practically already sold, meaning I can focus on other parts of my business.”


Franchisor, Jim's Mowing NZ North

“Dave had an easy, straight forward process with a vision for our brand. He put us at ease with his sense of humour, an eye for perfection and professionalism. We’ve had great feedback and we’re super happy with the finished product.”


Franchisor, Jim's Mowing BOP & Hawkes Bay

I would highly recommend Dave Munn to anyone interested in creating a Digital Marketing campaign with video. He’s competent, professional and passionate about what he does. Most of all, he delivers great results!


Managing Partner, McLeod & Associates


How much does it cost to make a film?

There’s two answers to this – a long and a short.

The long answer is:

How much does it cost to shout friends dinner?

How many people will you be feasting with?

Where will you eat?

What will you eat?

How many courses?

How many drinks will you slurp?


The shorter answer is, book a call and let’s chat about what you need.

How much will I need to spend on Ads?

Great question.

Let’s start with the long answer:

How much is a typical client worth to you over 12 months?

How much of that value are you willing to invest to recruit a newbie?


The short version is much simpler:

Book a call and let’s work out your numbers, competitor spends and I’ll give you a good ballpark idea.

Munzy - can you tell me your 'Ghost' joke, please?

Well – I’d love to do that! But only over a hot coffee – my shout!

See more Films.

More Content from Hot Butter

Passion Projects.

2022. Tidy Mess was a passion project shot by myself. Written & edited by Karl Fleet and featuring myself & a bunch of different actor friends.

We were amused by the strange decisions people make in their lives and what drives those decisions.


We created around 75 different skits from 30 seconds upto 3 minutes.

2019. Chilling.  Our Team’s entry into the International Comedy festival held in London – we came 2nd!

After years of wondering, a man finally discovers the secret behind one of life’s greatest domestic appliance mysteries.

2018. Suzanne Cowan reflects on a profound shift in her identity and how crisis can reveal the true beauty in life.

2017. Anastasia Koltsova remembers coming to New Zealand at a young age after a less than ‘normal’ childhood and then working through the challenges of love, life and ambition.

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Wanna hear a funny story?

My wife was the Costume Props Designer for the Netflix show, Sweet Tooth.

I listed a sewing table on Trade Me for her recently.

Got lots of comments.

And it sold in around 10 minutes..

The best way to get people to notice you is to do things differently. 

How are things going with your sales process?

When I search Google for your business service are you & your competitors all saying the same things? 

Or are YOU speaking differently?

I’d love to help you do things differently and BEAT your Competition.

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